Phuhlisani Solutions provides comprehensive services and support for land reform and integrated rural development in South Africa. Together with our rapidly expanding network of associates we are expanding into the SADC region.


Boyce Williams  Phuhlisani turns 10
Phuhlisani friends and associates gathered on Friday 5th December to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, hear plans for the launch of an NPO wing and pay tribute to Boyce Williams forced into retirement due to ill health.
In search of long term solutions  Cape Winelands District partners with Phuhlisani
Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility approves a CWDM proposal for a process of research-led social dialogue, policy and strategy development for the long term settlement of farm workers on and off farms
Delegates in a group break away session  Contributing to national and provincial land reform summits
Phuhlisani has been active at the National Tenure Summit and Western Cape Land Reform Summit. Presentations and papers are available for download
  Resolving complex tenure and land rights cases
Mediation and community facilitation panelists from Phuhlisani are working to address a range of complex projects
Preparing for a local referendum  Steady progress in Ebenheaser
A community development and land acquisition plan complete and a new CPA registered
Ebenhaeser Estuary  In search of solutions at Ebenheaser
Towards a community land acquisition and development plan
Vegetable growers at Genadendal   Smallholder agriculture scans complete
Phuhlisani has a completed a scan of smallholder agriculture in the Overberg and John Taolo Gaetsewe Districts
Small livestock farmers on commonage  How can smallholder producers be best supported?
Consulting roleplayers in the Overberg and John Taolo Gaetsewe Districts on the DAFF Strategic Plan for Smallholder Producers
The newly elected management committee  Supporting Lanquedoc Housing Association (LHA)
Identifying options for future management
Phuhlisani gets AGRISETA accreditation  Phuhlisani obtains full accreditation with the AGRISETA as a training service provider
Phuhlisani can now offer SAQA accredited training in agricultural production management
Creating a poverty knowledge hub  Presenting at Carnegie 3
Phuhlisani presents on research undertaken for the Programme for Support to Pro-Poor Policy Development on the need for a poverty information service
Extension policy for agriculture, forestry and fisheries  Facilitating policy dialogue for a new policy on extension and advisory services
Phuhlisani is working with DAFF and a range of state and non state development actors to develop policy options and facilitate a national dialogue resulting in the development of new policy for South Africa
Follow developments on Twitter @ExtensionPolicy  New dedicated extension policy website soon to go live, Twitter stream starts today
Join the national conversation to shape a new extension policy for agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
Reconceptualising extension for agriculture, forestry and fisheries  Phuhlisani professional team to facilitate the development of a national policy for agricultural, forestry and fisheries extension in partnership with DAFF and sector stakeholders
The Ford Foundation has awarded Phuhlisani a one year project grant to support the policy development process.
Ursula Smith on 3rd anniversary after joining Phuhlisani  Ursula Smith: Three years with Phuhlisani
Ursula Smith joined Phuhlisani on the 1st June 2009 as our admin and logistics manager. She has been a co owner of Phuhlisani since January 2011.
From subject to citizen: A review of the National Development Plan - Vision 2030  From subject to citizen
The Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) produces a comprehensive review of the National Development Plan - Vision 2030
Phuhlisani to faciliate an AGM of the Languedoc Housing Association  Working with the Land Rights Management Facility to regularise Communal Property Associations (CPAs)
Phuhlisani is udertaking a fact finding visit to the Khomani San in the Northern Cape and is working to mediate a dispute between Anglo- American Farms Investment Holdings and the Languedoc Housing Association.
Unlocking potential  Phuhlisani working with Eco Africa to develop a community development and land acquisition plan in Ebenheaser
Phuhlisani is acting as the task manager for the co-development of a plan to enable disbursement of funds from a settled Restitution Claim
Making a plan for land reform  Phuhlisani appointed to undertake a rapid review of Area Based Plans for Land Reform countrywide
The Department of Land Affairs introduced an area based approach to land reform in 2006 to locate land reform within municipal IDPs and align it with the programmes of other sectors of government.
An official from the Department of Education provides his perspective at the dialogue  Multiple perspectives on changing agricultural employment patterns in the Hex and Breede River Valleys
A wide range of state and civil society development actors gathered in De Doorns to participate in the second Cape Winelands District research led round table dialogue
PLAAS Research Report 41  Strategies to support small holders
PLAAS has produced Research Report 41 - a two volume report providing a situation analysis and a collection of case studies commissioned for the Second Economy Strategy Project
Promoting research led dialogue to anticipate change  Roundtable workshop No 2 in the Cape Winelands: Changing agricultural labour patterns in the Hex and Breede River Valleys
The second roundtable workshop is scheduled for Thursday 10th May in the Council Chambers of the Cape Winelands District Municipality in Worcester.
Smallstock farming in the arid Karoo  Small farmer focus groups in three provinces
Phuhlisani has been commissioned by the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) to conduct focus group research with small farmers as part of a wider PlaNet Finance study
Workers to share in harvest at Dube TradePort  Dube TradePort Worker Empowerment Initiative
Phuhlisani appointed to investigate empowerment options and to develop a road map
Complex dispute resolution  Successful mediation in Picketberg
Boyce Williams negotiates long standing farm dispute on behalf of the Land Rights Management Facility
A summary of research findings  PLAAS State of Rural Civil Society Workshop
Presenting research as a stimulus for reflection, dialogue and improved practice
Civil society typology  Draft scan of rural civil society complete
Phuhlisani recently presented the draft findings of a rural civil society scan to an inhouse workshop at PLAAS in preparation for a civil society workshop on 12th and 13th March
On track for 2012  Out of the Starting Blocks
Phuhlisani wishes everyone who we work with a constructive and stimulating 2012.
Farm workers at the Op die Plasie event  Op die Plasie: 16th December 2011
Masithethe, Laat ons praat, Let's talk. More than 300 people attend this Reconciliation Day Event starting an important new conversation about the future of life on farms.
Phuhlisani celebrates 8 years  Phuhlisani: 2011 in review
We have posted a report on our work in 2011 which describes the combination of research, strategy, training and capacity developmentlivelihoods and institutional development initiatives we have been involved in over the past year
Decentralised land governance  Decentralised land governance
A new publication from PLAAS features local voices and case studies from Botswana, Madagascar and Mozambique. Phuhlisani researched the Botswana case study with the assitance of DITSHWANELO, the Botswana Centre for Human Rights
Failure to learn from the experience of Land Reform   Phuhlisani makes submission on the Green Paper on Land Reform
Phuhlisani emailed its submission to the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform today
Dialogue on solution finding  Round table dialogue discusses troubled wine sector
Farmers, workers, unions, wine sector groupings, government departments and the municipalities in the CWDM search for solutions in a Phuhlisani research led dialogue
  Global and local trends in the wine grape sector in the Cape Winelands District
A research led round table dialogue
Examining the state of rural civiil  society  Seeking your support for a new scan of rural civil society in South Africa
Who is out there? What are they doing? How do they engage with the state and other development actors? How can this engagement be strengthern by access to research? How can local needs inform action research agendas?
 Gearing up for Year 2 of CWDM farmworker programme
Phuhlisani signs service level agreement for Year 2
Assessing learning needs  Training and development needs assessment
Unlocking capacity for pro poor policy development
Hundreds of pics online  Online gallery of pictures from the CWDM farm workers open day available
All the photos from the farm workers open day have been uploaded to a Picasa gallery
Langeberg Steel Band get things going  Cape Winelands Farm Workers Open Day a huge success
Hundreds of farm workers from all over the Cape Winelands District attended the second annual Farm Workers Open Day at the show halls at Kleinplasie in Worcester
Gathering round the table?  What role for deliberative dialogue in the agricultural sector?
In a context of strained relations between organised agriculture, government, workers and NGOs working in the agricultural sector Phuhlisani is exploring the potential of structured dialogue to discuss and address problems.
Promoting dialogue and social cohesion  Managing social conflict risk
Draft Memorandum of agreement prepared for discussion and review by key role players in the Cape Winelands District and the provincial government of the Western Cape
A joint harvest  Phuhlisani to support Middelrus vegetable joint venture
Phuhlisani appointed by the KwaZulu-Natal Agribusiness Development Agency to support Middelrus vegetable joint venture
The Land Overseer in Mabele explains how land is allocated and managed   Investigating decentralised land governance in Botswana
PLAAS has partnered with DITSHWANELO - the Botswana Centre for Human Rights to examine issues arising out of the Land Rights Programme run from their Kasane office as part of a broader focus on decentralised land governance.
Participants review conflict risk in the Langeberg Municipality  Developing a MOA to manage conflict risk between South Africans and foreign migrants
Reporting on the first three of a series of five workshops which kicked off in the Cape Winelands District on Tuesday, 1 March
Reflecting on Land Resitution in South Africa  Land, memory, reconstruction and justice
Launch of new book reviewing the Land Restitution process in South Africa
Land and livelihoods  Back to the Plot! Debating a new agenda for rural transformation in South Africa
A public debate on Monday 31st January at the Centre for the Book Cape Town
Souce: Ethiopian Agriculture Portal   Capacity building for natural resource management in Ethiopia
Phuhlisani is part of an international consortium designing a three year capacity building programme for natural resource management, tourism, and eco-tourism with Ethiopian Institutes of Higher Education
Livestock farming in Botswana. Photo: Philip Fischer, USAID  A workbook on decentralised land governance in Southern Africa
Phuhlisani has been contracted by PLAAS to research case studies from Botswana, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa and prepare a workbook for practitioners and policy makers
Zimbabwean migrants in De Doorns  Phuhlisani appointed to prepare a population migration strategy for the Cape Winelands District Municipality
CWDM seeks a preventative and a responsive framework to effectively minimise and manage social conflict related to the influx of foreign migrants into the urban areas within the District.
Understanding complexity  Tenure and Development Community of Practice established
Following up from the Learning from Complexity workshop it has been agreed to establish an online Tenure and Development Community of Practice to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers.
Kibera, Nairobi illustrates the challenge of informality  Actor collaboration toolkit complete
An overview of key debates, three case studies, a draft syllabus and an introductory Prezi prepared for the African Centre for Cities
Sterkspruit - intersecting urban and rural  Learning from complexity
Workshop on securing land rights in urban, rural and small town South Africa - 22 - 23 November 2010
Hearing all the voices in the city  Actor collaboration toolkit under development
Phuhlisani has been commissioned to develop an online toolkit on actor collaboration for the Centre for African Cities on behalf of the Association of African Planning Schools
Developing skills for livestock production  Assessing skills development needs on properties restored through Restitution
Phuhlisani has been appointed by AGRISETA to assess skills development needs on restitution projects in Limpopo and Mpumalanga where people on the land are focusing on livestock production
Presenting from experience  Schmidtsdrift: The poverty of Restitution?
Phuhlisani presented a paper at the recent conference on overcoming structural poverty and inequality which critically examined the impact of the Restitution programme on poverty and inequality in South Africa.
Siyabu Manona at the conference  Poverty and Inequality Conference 20 - 22 Sept Johannesburg
Poverty falls marginally but inequality on the rise: Keynote highlights
Information from the inside  Phuhlisani completes research into self survey process in Joe Slovo informal settlement
Phuhlisani has recently completed a series of interviews with role players involved in the 2009 self enumeration survey conducted in Joe Slovo informal settlement in Cape Town and written up a research paper.
 Deliberative democracy as a tool for dialogue and development
In rural settings characterised by contestation how can 'deliberative democracy' approaches contribute to an improved climate of dialogue and meaningful change?
Boyce Williams drives the day  Hundreds of farmworkers turn out for the first Focus on Farmworkers Open Day
Kleinplasie Living Open-air Museum in Worcester was an appropriate venue for the open day which saw more than 200 farmworkers awarded certificates for their involvement in a civil rights education programme.
 Joint Portfolio Committee Workshop on rural development and agrarian reform
Examining evidence around grassroots practices, policy implementation and identification of policy gaps
 How could a Land and Rural Development Information System (LARDIS) assist in improved co-ordination of government development effort and provide reliable information for M&E?
Its no secret that government development effort in the land and rural development sector remains poorly aligned and co-ordinated. Development actors continue to work in silos. How can we break free? Collaborators wanted.
Eugene Liebenberg with farm worker participants  Cape Winelands farmworker education programme focuses on sectoral determination and dismissals
More than 150 farm workers gathered at a training venue near Rawsonville for the second workshop in the civil rights education series funded by the District Municipality.
 Cape Winelands research and farmworker civic education programme get under way
View a Prezi which provides an animated overview of the programme
The strategy at a glance  Rural development strategy takes shape in the Northern Cape
Phuhlisani has incorporated stakeholder commentary to produce five strategy papers as part of a draft rural development strategy for the Northern Cape.
 Phuhlisani facilitates Live the Future HIV and AIDS scenarios workshop for Metropolitan Foundation
Phuhlisani runs initial one day workshop for officials from Breede River Municipality
 Phuhlisani and Associates research evictions in the Cape Winelands District Municipality
Phuhlisani, PLAAS and IR Change have been contracted to research farmdweller evictions, develop and run a civil rights education programme
 Phuhlisani welcomes two new partners
Ursula Smith and Siyabu Manona join Phuhlisani
 Watch a two minute movie on Phuhlisani and our work
Phuhlisani has started using Prezi - innovative web based story telling and presentation package where the only limits are one's imagination.
Phuhlisani: land and rural development specialists  Phuhlisani moves into new offices
Phuhlisani is now at 85 Durban Rd, Mowbray in Cape Town

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