Working with the Land Rights Management Facility to regularise Communal Property Associations (CPAs)

The Land Rights Management Facility has appointed David Mayson a mediation panellist from Phuhlisani to report on the current situation in the Communal Property Association. The CPA was established to hold the land restored afer a successful land claim by the Khomani San. The CPA experienced problems some years ago and was placed under adminsitration as allowed by the CPA Act. The fact finding visit will identify what needs to be done to regularise the CPA and make recommendations for the way forward.

In another assignment Phuhlisani panellists David Mayson and Boyce Williams are undertaking work with the Languedoc Housing Association which was established as a CPA to manage houses for workers who were relocated to the historic settlement of Languedoc ahead of the sale of  Rhodes Fruit Farms  by Anglo-American farms. In a recent court application  Anglo American Farms Investment Holdings applied to liquidate the LHA which had been experiencing problems. Their application was opposed by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform who asked for time to facilitate an AGM of the CPA in order to make key decisions regarding the future of the Association.

Phuhlisani to faciliate an AGM of the Languedoc Housing Association
Phuhlisani to faciliate an AGM of the Languedoc Housing Association
Posted: 5/17/2012 (6:11:00 AM)

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