New dedicated extension policy website soon to go live, Twitter stream starts today

The new National Extension Policy development website will go live in the next couple of days. The site will provide updates on the process of developing a new national policy on extension and advisory services for South African agriculture, forestry and fisheries. It will provide a collaborative space for different development actors to contribute to the policy development process.

Phuhlisani has been supported by Ford to work with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to stimulate a research led national conversation about extension. We seek to enable a collaborative policy development process which combines the perspectives of:

  • extension workers and practitioners on the ground,
  • researchers and sector specialists within University departments and research institutes,
  • organised agriculture, forestry and fisheries,
  • development actors throughout the agriculture, forestry and fisheries value chains,
  • commodity groups and co-operatives,
  • smallholder farmers and land reform beneficiaries,
  • government officials across the three spheres of government,
  • environmental and disaster risk scientists,
  • SETAs and agricultural education and training institutions,
  • NGOs and CBOs,
  • active citizens.

You will soon be able to directly contribute to the policy dialogue by registering on the site. You can also follow developments on Twitter @ExtensionPolicy

Follow developments on Twitter @ExtensionPolicy
Follow developments on Twitter @ExtensionPolicy
Posted: 6/25/2012 (9:25:41 AM)

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