Phuhlisani obtains full accreditation with the AGRISETA as a training service provider

Ursula Smith with the assistance of Phuhlisani Associate Eugene Liebenberg have been  working to secure SAQA accreditation with AgriSeta as a training service provider. This week all the months of hard work work paid off. An onsite inspection ticked all the boxes and Phuhlisani will receive full accreditation for a period of three years.

The team has prepared a five unit course in Agricultural Production Management Practices.

The course is backed by:

A Facilitator's Guide

An Assessment Guide and Assessor Pack

A Portfolio of Evidence Guide

A comprehensive Quality Management System.

Phuhlisani gets AGRISETA accreditation
Phuhlisani gets AGRISETA accreditation
Posted: 9/6/2012 (3:55:39 AM)

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