Finding solutions in Ebenheaser

The people of Ebenhaeser form a community of approximately 2000 people whose forefathers were dispossessed of land along the Oliefants River, on the Western Coast. The community continues to live adjacent to this land. 

Ebenhaeser is one of twenty-three “coloured rural areas” in which the State owns the land, but residents have rights to utilise that land. There are currently two land reform processes happening within the community - a land claim in terms of the Restitution of Land Rights Act which  involves regaining ownership and use of the land from which they were previously dispossessed while processes in terms of the Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act (Act 94 of 1998) involves agreeing options for the holding and management of land on which people currently reside. 

A settlement framework agreement was signed by various parties in 2005, with one of the components required by the government being the development of a Community Development and Land Acquisition Plan (CDLAP). The DRDLR appointed EcoAfrica, who together with Phuhlisani started work in April 2012.
To date the work has involved developing different scenarios for the acquisition of land and the planning of  large-scale agricultural development for discussion by the Ebenhaeser community. Further detailed plans will then be drawn on the basis of the community’s decision, with the Plan submission due in March 2013. The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform has since taken a close interest in the project which also includes the establishment of a land holding entity to take ownership of land under claim.

Posted: 2/18/2013 (3:33:26 AM)

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