Supporting Lanquedoc Housing Association (LHA)

In June 2012, Boyce Williams and David Mayson of Phuhllisani were appointed in their capacity as mediation panellists by the Land Rights Management Facility to assist the Lanquedoc Housing Association (LHA) in their function as a CPA. The panellists were tasked to equip the LHA with the necessary skills to conduct an AGM, and elect a new management committee following processes that were legally compliant. 
Since September 2012, the panellists have undertaken a wide range of processes to regularise the CPA and help the members to make decisions about its future: These have included:
  • Assisting the Languedoc CPA elect a new management committee through transparent elections conducted by the IEC;
  • Preparing to facilitate a community decision whether CPA should continue and if so what it's role should be; 
  • Identifying options for the allocation of land such as sports fields and sites for community facilities in discussion with the residents and the municipality;
  • Enabling house plots to be transferred into private ownership;
  • Exploring the availability of housing subsidies to enable allocation of vacant plots;
  • Facilitating a set of intergovernmental commitments to local development;
  • Consulting with DRDLR who may fund some elements of the future development as part of its rural development mandate;
  • Consulting with Boschendal Estate to explore access to agricultural land for former farm workers living at Languedoc.

The newly elected management committee
The newly elected management committee
Posted: 2/18/2013 (4:07:31 AM)

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