Facilitating consultations in the Overberg and John Tao Gaetsewe Districts on the DAFF strategic plan for smallholder producers

Phuhlisani has been appointed by the National Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries to consult with stakeholders in two municipalities to examine how the Strategic Plan for Smallholder Support could be localised and adapted to local priorities. The work has been organised into three phases 
Phase 1
A rapid District review and profile drawing on existing literature and sources to synthesise available information on key trends in the agricultural economy, provide a profile of key institutions and capture available information on smallholder agriculture within the District.
Phase 1 - Output 1: A profile of the District which provides:
  • An overview of the agricultural economy including the most recent data on the commercial and smallholder sectors, including an analysis of land reform projects in the District and which draws on recent published reports and grey literature relevant to the profiling of the agricultural and smallholder sector within the District.  
  • An analysis of the institutions operating in the District as well as their actual and potential role in supporting smallholders and land reform beneficiaries.
  • A stakeholder analysis identifying the key District actors associated with the agricultural sector government agencies, extension and veterinary personnel, NGOs, farmer organisations, co-ops and commodity organisations.
  • Information on current initiatives to support and strengthen the local smallholder sector.
Phase 1 - Output 2: A stakeholder consultation plan which identifies key stakeholders within the District and local municipalities. This plan must identify:
  • Key District stakeholders with whom to conduct key informant interviews either telephonically or face to face
  • Smallholder producer individuals and groups for site visits
  • Smallholder producers and other local actors invited to attend one day consultation sessions within the four local municipalities which make up the District
  • Contact lists and a schedule of visits and workshops.
Phase 2: 
This phase focuses on district stakeholder consultations combining key informant interviews, selected site visits and workshops and the drafting of a consultation report for the district and local municipalities. 
Phase 2 - Output 1: A District consultation report. This will provide the write up of key findings from key informant interviews, smallholder site visits and consultation workshops on the SPSP. Workshop reports and site visit reports will contain contact information and photographs of activities being undertaken.

Phase 3: 
This phase will involve the preparation of the final report,  detailing key district challenges, opportunities and a summary of recommendations for the localisation of the SPSP arising from the consultation.

Posted: 2/18/2013 (4:39:42 AM)

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