Steady progress in Ebenheaser

Phuhlisani and EcoAfrica have been working steadily at Ebenheaser with the support of the Legal Resources Centre. Ebenheaser is a comunity of about 2100 people. There are three linked land reform processes being undertaken there:
  • A restitution claim
  • A tenure reform process
  • A comprehensive rural development pilot
The key focus has been on the settlement of the Restitution claim and the preparation of a Community Development and Land Acquisition Plan (CDLAP) which takes tenure transformation issues into account. A careful preparation process has been undertaken which has involved:
  • Research to understand the current situation
  • Developing options and scenarios for discussion in the wards
  • A period of intense local engagement to review the options and scenarios with stakeholders including plotholders, artisanal fishers, youth and local structures
  • Securing local agreement on the content of a final CDLAP.
The CDLAP details the establishment of a land holding entity in the form of a Communal Property Association (CPA) together with a Development Trust which will act as a business entity and manage 23 755 ha of land. The CPA  has recently been established and elections held for office bearers. A plan is in place to ensure that these entities get support for an initial five years. It sets out the land to be acquired and a plan for how this land and related resources will be used and developed. The Development Trust is being established with probono legal support from business and legal specialists Webber Wentzel.
The CDLAP aims to build skills and capacity, enable improved household income and benefits and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs at Ebenhaeaser. More detailed articles will appear soon.

Preparing for a local referendum
Preparing for a local referendum
Posted: 3/11/2014 (9:18:55 AM)

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