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This project will commence early in 2015. The project objective is to draw up an evidence-based strategy anchored within
current policy and legislative mandates, which is enhanced by situated research
and social dialogue to practically address the need for improved farm worker
housing, access to services and tenure security on and off-farm within the Cape
Winelands District.
The project seeks to achieve the following results:
  • An agreed agenda for research and District strategy development guided by a reference group which comprises key provincial and district state, and non-state actors.
  • A comprehensive literature review and critical assessment of farm worker housing models and experiences within the District, augmented by relevant provincial and national cases and innovations.
  • Good and bad practice farm worker housing case studies documented within local municipalities in the CWDM.
  • Case studies of farm worker housing issues in five pilot sites.
  • Interpretation of the comparative census data to identify key demographic shifts and future growth trajectories in five pilot sites within the District, enabling a more fine-grained understanding of movement on and off farms, migration and projected housing demand.
  • A District social platform established to review case studies from five pilot sites, identify priority farm worker housing, service and tenure security needs, and contribute to the development of a District farm worker housing strategy.
  • A multi-actor learning journey undertaken as a precursor for local policy and strategy development.
  • Publicly available research reports and associated documentation.
  • Improved communication of issues, policies and strategies amongst public, private and civil society stakeholders. 
  • A District farm worker housing policy and strategy drafted which reflects the particular challenges of the B municipalities, and which takes cognisance of provincial and national guidelines. 
  • Questions and issues for national policy identified from evidence based review, referred to relevant National and Provincial State actors.
The research and strategy development project will maintain a dedicated website for its 14 month duration and will make use of social media to communicate research findings.

In search of long term solutions
In search of long term solutions
Posted: 12/10/2014 (5:25:06 AM)

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