Department of Land Affairs accredits Phuhlisani and Associates as a strategic partner

The Department of Land Affairs has been through a process to accredit institutions and organisations working in the land and agriculture sector. Once accredited these entities can be appointed by the Department to provide three primary services:

  • co-ordinate and provide settlement and implementation support to the beneficiaries of land reform projects to build their technical and managerial capacity
  • bring on board private sector resources, capital and capacity in partnership arrangements which share project risk
  • promote Black Economic Empowerment through the structuring of business enterprises in the Agricultural sector

In South Africa Phuhlisani is working with Knowledge Crucible, Mthente Research and Consulting Services, Earthware Publishing, and a network of individual professionals from different disciplines. Our regional partner is Holistic Information Systems which is based in Harare, Zimbabwe but which undertakes regular and ongoing work in South Africa.

Our international partner  is NIRAS/Scanagri which is one of the world's largest and most well established development consultancies with offices in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and regional offices in three African countries including South Africa.


Posted: 7/18/2008 (7:52:38 AM)

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