Research into the factors influencing worker movement on and off farms in the Cape Winelands

Phuhlisani has been contracted by the Cape Winelands District Council to undertake research which examines movement on and off farms, including evictions. The research will identify the factors and trends in the broader agricultural and economic environment which have influenced this over the last five years and those which are likely to influence this in future.

The research components are:

         A desktop study to examine the nature of agricultural economy in the District which profiles the factors and trends shaping the viability and labour processes within the different sub-sectors over the past five years

         A 50 farm survey which polls farm owners/employers and worker informants across the different agricultural subsectors to identify key shifts in farm labour processes and movements of workers on and off farms over the last five years

         A review of evictions cases which went before the courts in the District to examine how evictions were effected and how many followed due process

         Key informant interviews with key stakeholders on trends affecting the movement on and off farms and the implications for planning, service delivery and socio-economic rights

         Life histories/ in depth interviews with evicted/ retrenched workers in hotspot areas to examine the impacts on their livelihood strategies and profile their living conditions

The findings of these studies will be drawn together into a synthesis report for the Cape Winelands District Municipality with recommendations for a strategy to better anticipate  and manage movements on and off farms and protect the rights of vulnerable people.

A summary of the preliminary research findings will be presented at a Rural Development Conference hosted by the Cape Winelands on 24th June 2010

Posted: 6/8/2010 (4:32:58 AM)

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