Rebuilding agriculture in Zimbabwe

In the wake of a shaky settlement in Zimbabwe one of the key challenges will be to determine new approaches to land reform and agriculture. Professor Ian Scoones of IDS in association with PLAAS has undertaken a detailed study which has tracked the evolution of land reform in Masvingo province in Zimbabwe since 2000. The study set out to assess the consequences for people’s livelihoods and the wider economy. The research to date raises some fundamental challenges to what Professor Scooones characterises as  'five oft-repeated myths about recent Zimbabwean land reform'. It offers some important insights for the future direction of rural policy in Zimbabwe.

  • Myth 1: Zimbabwean land reform has been a total failure
  • Myth 2: The beneficiaries of Zimbabwean land reform have been largely political ‘cronies’
  • Myth 3: There is no investment in the new resettlements
  • Myth 4: Agriculture is in complete ruins
  • Myth 5: The rural economy has collapsed

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Posted: 9/25/2008 (12:22:30 AM)

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