High-Level Meeting on “African Agriculture in the 21st Century: Meeting the Challenges, Making a Sustainable Green Revolution”

The meeting called for a 'uniquely African Green Revolution' which was supported by Publioc Sector investment in rural infrastructure, health and education. Ministers  recommitted themselves to accelerate progress towards the Maputo Declaration target of 10% of national budgets being devoted to agriculture and rural development.

Key recommendations proposed included:

  • a substantial increase in financial support to agricultural and livestock research centres in Africa,
  • assistance to small-scale farmers to better manage the various risks they face, including price, weather, climate and natural disaster risks, by mitigating risk, assuming a share of the risk, and promoting the development of agricultural insurance markets.
  • rebuilding and reorientation of agricultural extension services to make greater use of farmer-to-farmer extension, working closely with farmers in developing and applying new technologies, in a process of co-innovation 
  • mobilising investments in needed infrastructure for agriculture and rural development, including irrigation, roads, electricity and communications technologies.


Posted: 2/24/2009 (1:05:08 AM)

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