Dube Tradeport worker empowerment initiative

The Dube Tradeport has a well developed agricultural export zone, comprising about 80ha, will include land for the cultivation of high-value farming products and the provision of facilities designed to promote agricultural production and export. Key facilities include

  • A production / growing zone;
  • Post-harvest handling facilities;
  • Fresh produce trading facilities; and
  • Support infrastructure and services.

In the production zone there are a number of greenhouses producing vegetables under a hydroponic system. These vegetables are packaged on site and are currently sold on the South African market. Export opportunities are also being investigated. Production in the Agrizone is managed by a well established agribusiness Qutom Farms.

The Dube Tradeport Company is looking for ways to enable workers on this project to share in the benfits of this high value enterprise and has contracted  Phuhlisani to develop a worker empowerment concept document and provide a detailed road map of what needs to be done to make this a reality.

Phuhlisani CEO David Mayson together with Phuhlisani Associate Anton Cartwright are working to clarify these opportunities.

Workers to share in the harvest
Workers to share in the harvest
Posted: 3/29/2012 (7:22:51 AM)

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