Schmidtsdrift CPA AGM a success

The Annual General Meeting was the culmination of almost a year of preparatory work by Phuhlisani to:

  • address conflicts in the claimant community;
  • use participatory planning approaches to draft plans for livestock, irrigation and game as well as community mining;
  • develop a new Constitution and management structure;
  • policies and procedures for day to day management of the Association.

The meeting which was witnessed by officials from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights and was overseen by officials from the Independent Electoral Commission. The IEC managed the process of candidate screening and the actual voting process on specially prepared ballots in an efficient and professional manner.

A new management committee was elected after closely contested elections. For the first time th committtee includes dedicated portfolios and area representatives. Phuhlisani has since run a five day induction course for the new Committee.

However it is clear that the incoming Committee will require ongoing development support services if it is to succeed in its complex task. The lack of dedicated and co-ordinated support services remains one the major obstacles undermining the potential of the land reform programme. There is a major risk that the development of plans which are delinked from implementation support could amount to fruitless expenditure.

Posted: 7/16/2009 (6:36:16 AM)

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