Cape Winelands research and farmworker civic education programme get under way

Click on the link below to view a Prezi which provides a quick overview of the research outputs and the content of the education programme.

There are five research outputs:

  • A desktop study analysing the changing agricultural economy in the District
  • A survey of fifty farms involving interviews with employers and workers which aim to measure the movement on and off farms over the last five years
  • Key informant interviews with a range of role-players 
  • Life histories of evicted farm workers and dwellers
  • An assessment of evictions cases which have gone before the courts

The civil rights programme for farm workers consists of three workshops for 150 farm workers from different farming areas in the District. The sessions focus on the sectoral determination, dismissals and evictions

Posted: 4/7/2010 (3:46:55 PM)

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