NDA/FAO study on success factors in agricultural enterprises established through land reform The National Department of Agriculture and the Food and Agricultural Organisation entered into a joint initiative to investigate and document existing Government agricultural support programmes, develop a number of informative cases of emerging farmers in a range of agricultural production situations (rainfed, irrigated, livestock etc.) and explore key success or failure factors. Umhlaba, ARDRI and Phuhlisani were contracted to identify and review land reform projects which have had a positive impact on the livelihood strategies of the land users. Project analysis included: 1. The number in the group and the size of the land 2. The tenure arrangements highlighting rights to use land, benefits, management structures and systems. 3. The nature of ownership of the enterprises on the farms 4. The nature of agricultural production 5. Marketing arrangements 6. Access to credit for each of the enterprises on the farm 7. Access to other resources 8. Extent to which the project supported by government 9. Change in livelihood opportunities of individuals and standard of living since project began 10. Key learning for other enterprises and for issues of support to farmers. The purpose of the analysis was to be able to draw lessons on good practice (including institutional arrangements and policies) for supporting emerging farmers under different conditions and suggest improved models of support.

Posted: 5/31/2008 (3:29:26 PM)

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