Phuhlisani completes research into self survey process in Joe Slovo informal settlement

Phuhlisani was commissioned by Prof Vanessa Watson of the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics at the University of Cape Town to undertake research into the self survey process conducted by the Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) in partnership with the Joe Slovo Community Task Team.

Two papers were produced. One entitled 'Learning from Joe Slovo' provides a detailed overview of the settlement's history and its incorporation into the controversial N2 Gateway project. This provides the context and background for the second paper entitled: 'Self survey: Appropriating technologies - rehaping power?' which examines how and why a local self enumeration survey was used to support the demands of residents for well located and affordable housing as opposed to unaffordable N2 Gateway housing or removal to a peripheral area.

The case illuminates the elusive and slippery nature of the State which over time presents multiple agendas which are pulled this way and that as contesting political and bureaucratic actors vie for influence and power. Likewise the case illustrates the fragmented and dynamic nature of the ‘community’ which is variously defined and shaped by local development actors who position themselves in different ways and form alliances with external NGOs and social formations. It identifies the winners and losers in the self survey process and reflects on the contribution made by the survey to defend the rights of the poor to well located land in the city.

Information from the inside
Information from the inside
Posted: 9/7/2010 (5:06:32 AM)

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