Assessing skills development needs on properties restored through Restitution

The AgriSETA in partnership with the Land Claims Commission has established a project aimed at providing skills development to restitution beneficiaries in a quest to assist them to develop and sustain farming enterprises on the restored farms. Three areas of intervention have been identified:

  • development of skills in governance and leadership;
  • development of management skills;
  • development of technical skills.

Phuhlisani has been appointed for two clusters of projects one in Mpumalanga and the other in Limpopo. Our brief is to:

  • conduct skills audit to identify the skills needs of the enterprises on the restored farms and future needs in terms of the business plans; 
  • identify beneficiaries to receive training in line with the skills needs of the projects;
  • conduct learner assessments to determine the level of intervention required, and prepare a detailed report with recommendations.

Work commences in two weeks time.

Developing skills for livestock production
Developing skills for livestock production
Posted: 10/13/2010 (10:24:32 AM)

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