Actor collaboration toolkit under development

The Association of African Planning Schools aims to improve planning education within African tertiary institutions. The project, entitled ‘Revitalising Planning Education’ broadly aims to promote the review and revision of African planning curricula. This forms part of an effort to rethink contemporary planning education and, in particular, to distance it from the circumstances and ideologies under which colonial planning legislation and systems were formulated.

Post-colonial contexts demand a re-examination of the relationship between the training of planners, the contemporary nature of African urbanisation and the methodological tools that planners commonly employ. The project thus aims to develop a way of thinking about planning education that has its empirical and ideological roots in the Global South.

The AAPS has identified five themes that of utmost importance to the revitalisation of African planning education. These are:  

  • Informality
  • Spatial Planning, Implementation and Infrastructure Delivery
  • Actor Collaboration
  • Access to Land
  • Climate Changes and African Cities

Hearing all the voices in the city
Hearing all the voices in the city
Posted: 10/13/2010 (2:25:10 PM)

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