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Podcasts are now available from our Downloads page. Clicking on the link below takes you straight to the podcast download page. Transcripts are available on the Ikhuba blog

Episode 1: Business unusual - budget as usual contains audio highlights from DLA DDG Mdu Shabane's frank briefing of Parliament in Cape Town in March 2008 coupled with analysis on the progress of land reform in South Africa.

Episode 2: Digital media and information for change assesses the promise that the internet and mobile telephony holds for rural development. The  episode is in three parts. Part 1 reviews Firoz Manji's keynote address to the Information for Change Workshop held on 16 June 2008 in Cape Town. Part 2 examines the First Mile project in Tanzania which utilises SMS and the internet to provide rural agricultural producers with up to the minute market information and Part 3 examines the potential of mobile phones to provide transparent information to the membership of a collapsed land reform project near Bonnievale in the Western Cape in  bid to resolve conflict and develop a turn around strategy.

Episode 3: Area based planning: Learning in the Central Karoo reviews the development of an area based plan for land reform as part of the muncipal IDP in this semi arid district where agriculture is predominantly sheep farming on environmentally sensitive extensive rangeland. David Mayson and Boyce Williams describe the planning process and their approach to using the Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy to facilitate land access. They also discuss the implications of DLA's new approach to the management of PLAS land - the appointment of strategic partners to manage the land and provide support to the people making use of it.



Posted: 5/31/2008 (3:54:13 PM)

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