Phuhlisani appointed to prepare a population migration strategy for the Cape Winelands District Municipality

Phuhlisani has proposed a four phase process.

Phase 1: Actor liaison, workshop preparation and design

This Phase involves:

  • the identification of key actors within the local municipalities, the district, provincial government; chapter 9 institutions, appropriate national departments, civil society, business and organised agriculture;
  • the development of a database with names, institutional affiliations and contact information;
  • the establishment of a bulk SMS mailing list to keep all players simultaneously informed on plans, progress and development;
  • a rapid scan of the literature on migration trends, the presence of foreign migrants and the history of related social conflict in the Cape Winelands District;
  • identification of policies and practices related to the combating of xenophobic attitudes and monitoring conflict risk which may have been developed in other municipalities;
  • developing a workshop calendar and agreeing dates for workshops within each local municipality;
  • booking venues and sending out invitations;
  • finalising workshop design.

Phase 2: Workshop facilitation and collation of inputs

This phase involves:

  • the facilitation of five one-day workshops in each local municipality;
  • the preparation and synthesis of the proceedings of the five workshops;
  • identification of key components for the draft strategy;
  • the establishment of a reference group to consult with as part of the strategy drafting process.

Phase 3: Preparation of a draft strategy

This phase involves:

  • the write-up and circulation of the draft strategy to the reference group;
  • receiving and incorporating comments on earlier drafts of the document;
  • finalisation of a draft document for circulation ahead of the final adoption workshop.

Phase 4: Finalisation of the MOU

This final phase involves:

  • selection of participants from each local municipality and the CWDM to attend the final workshop;
  • agreement on the political processes required by municipalities to formally adopt and sign the MOU;
  • identification of follow measures required for MOU implementation and monitoring;
  • facilitation of the final workshop to reach consensus on the MOU text for signature;
  • the formal adoption of the MOU according to the process agreed by the relevant stakeholders.

Zimbabwean migrants in De Doorns
Zimbabwean migrants in De Doorns
Posted: 1/18/2011 (10:03:16 AM)

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