A workbook on decentralised land governance in Southern Africa

The workbook forms part of the PLAAS Regional Land Learning Programme funded by the Austrian Development Agency which aims to provide to practitioners and policy makers a variety of platforms and learning events to share experiences, to derive lessons for policy, to identify and define best practice, to document these in accessible formats, and to disseminate them effectively to target audiences in civil society, government, donor organisations and other institutions working in the broad area of land and agrarian reform in South Africa. It aims to achieve this by implementing activities to:

  • Provide fora for engagement between scholars, practitioners and policy makers
  • Share, debate, document and disseminate policy-relevant insights from research and practice in decentralised land reforms and related reforms;
  • Distil key policy implications arising from research findings and practitioner experiences;
  • Expose policy makers to new research findings and to engage them in dialogue;
  • Provide a networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policymakers;
    Stimulate informed and evidence-based policy debate, both within the relevant sectors and more generally within society.

The work book will assess decentralisation of land governance in selected countries in the region.   The foundation will be comprehensive and in-depth studies which illuminate the problems and responses.

Livestock farming in Botswana. Photo: Philip Fischer, USAID
Livestock farming in Botswana. Photo: Philip Fischer, USAID
Posted: 1/19/2011 (3:49:58 AM)

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