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National settlement and implementation support strategy for land and agrarian reform Phuhlisani Solutions was the lead agency in a consortium which was responsible for developing a comprehensive national settlement and implementation support strategy for people acquiring land through the land reform programme. Phuhlisani Solutions and its partners in the Sustainable Development Consortium were required to develop an evidence based strategy. The evidence was drawn from: · diagnostic case studies; · thematic reviews and comparative analysis of the International land reform experience; · a field based learning programme involving land reform practitioners from different departments and provincial contexts; · the programme of technical support in selected projects designed to provide evidence of practical interventions and institutional arrangements necessary for effective delivery of services; · a series of consultative forums within each of the provinces; · a review of policy, legislation and regulations that impact upon different dimensions of land reform implementation; · research on business models and institutional arrangements; · a review of communication strategies; · reviews of current decision support systems, monitoring and evaluation and the design of new approaches. The Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs described the strategy as ‘groundbreaking’ (1) at its official launch in February 2008. An independent commentator has described the strategy as marking the most important policy shift in the South African land sector since 1994 (2). To ensure that the knowledge generated from the strategy development process is accessible to all land reform practitioners Phuhlisani contracted Stephen Heyns and logosflow to develop a comprehensive web-based archive. The archive combines the summary document, the base strategy document, all the associated research and review papers and field based learning process reports. (1) Launch of the Settlement and Implementation Support Strategy for Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa. Speech by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs. 18 February 2008. (2) Mail and Guardian 15 February 2008

Posted: 5/31/2008 (3:33:33 PM)

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