What role for deliberative dialogue in the agricultural sector?

Our work for the CWDM facilitating the farm workers civil rights education programme indicates that relations between organised agriculture, NGOs, unions and different spheres of government remain strained.

Tensions are running high around the proposed draft Land Tenure Security Bill which has been criticised from a variety of quarters. There are concerns that the Bill will stimulate a wave of preemptive evictions.  

Currently there are few spaces where people can meet to constructively engage around issues of problems of mutual concern at local level. We are currently in the early stages of discussing whether there is a willingness for different roleplayers to participate in organised dialogue sessions with the aim of promoting solutions oriented discussion and deliberation.

Such a dialogue process:

  • would commit those participating to abide by agreed rules of engagement
  • would encourage  reasoned reflection and the recognition of the legitimate interests of other groups (including traditional opponents)
  • could initiate a joint search for common interests and mutually acceptable solutions.

Gathering round the table?
Gathering round the table?
Posted: 5/6/2011 (5:08:37 AM)

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