Gearing up for Year 2 of CWDM farmworker programme

Phuhlisani rcently submitted its plan for Year 2 of the CWDM farm worker programme. We signed a SLA with Cape Winelands on 4th August 2011.

 In 2011/12 we are aiming for tighter synergy between the different programme elements and the resultant outputs. We aim to build on and consolidate research work undertaken in the pilot phase and to update this to provide practical briefings on key trends and issues of relevance to municipal planners and policy makers.

By the 16th December the bulk of the Year Two programme will be complete and

·         Five farmworker forums will be operating – one per local municipality

o   At least two forum meetings organised, held and documented per local municipal area

o   Operational linkages made with Department of Agriculture’s farm worker development programme

o   Farm worker perspectives documented on key trends impacting on employment, living and working conditions and movement on and off farms

o   Farmworkers identify key social development priorities in each Local Municipality to complement  IDP review processes

o   Linkages made with NPOs to support ongoing forum development and institutional capacity development

·         Updated research into changing  trends in key agricultural subsectors in the CWDM and implications for farm employment and movement off farms

o   Briefs on key trends produced for local policymakers

·         Two roundtable workshops for key stakeholders in the agricultural sector planned, delivered and documented

o   Workshop on changing subsector trends and agricultural employment impacts in the CWDM

o   Workshop on foreign migrants in the agricultural sector and management of social conflict risk

o   Venues and catering procured

·         Ten one day civil rights education workshops delivered for 300 farm workers in the District (2 workshops per local municipality @ 30 persons/workshop)

o   Venues, transport and catering procured

·         Access data base of all participants attending the programme to date

·         Updates to learning materials package prepared and translated in Afrikaans and Xhosa

·         A farm worker open day in partnership with CWDM and key departments designed and delivered for 300 farm worker participants on the programme and 50 additional persons

o   Venue, transport and catering procured

In February 2012 the following tasks will be  completed:

·         Participatory programme review completed with key stakeholders

·         An annual report, plan of action and budget for Year 3 submitted

Key dates



Forum meetings: Ceres, Worcester and Robertson

8th October

Forum meetings: Paarl and Stellenbosch

15th October

Forum of forums meeting

29th October

Roundtable workshop 1

5th November

Farm worker civil rights education workshop 1

12th November

Farm  worker civil rights education workshop 2

19th November

Roundtable workshop 2

26th November

Farm workers open day

December 16th

Posted: 7/26/2011 (11:38:25 AM)

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