A scan of rural civil society for PLAAS

PLAAS has appointed Phuhlisani to conduct a scan of rural civil society and to examine the politics of research and policy engagement in this sector. The scan will identify the range of new rural organizational formations (self-help organizations, farmers’ unions, community organizations, and so on) and the different ways in which citizens (and non-citizens) and government bodies relate.

PLAAS seeks to deepen its understanding on how to use research to empower the democratic policy process. To inform this PLAAS seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of rural civil society and its relationships to the state. PLAAS is in search of new information that goes beyond the usual discussions of rural civil society, to help inform fresh thinking and a deeper understanding of the strategic issues involved in relations between poor, marginalized rural people, their organizations, and organs of the state,

The scan will identify:

·         Who is out there?  How are rural people currently organizing themselves; in what organizational forms? 

·         How do they engage with the organs that govern them? This aspect of the analysis should provide in broad terms a typology of the different strategic approaches at the disposal of poor rural people and their organizations. 

·         What is the role (or the potential role) of information, knowledge and research in strengthening the position of the rural poor in their interactions with the State and other developmental actors?

·         Where does absence of knowledge, or a lack of ability to make use of available information and knowledge, hamper or disempower poor rural people? 

·         How do rural organisations and people currently use information in the pursuit of their goals?

·         What forms of media or information are most appropriate to reach organisations operating in different rural settings?

·         What is the impact (if any) of organizations that produce policy-relevant knowledge in this sector?

Posted: 8/5/2011 (7:27:36 AM)

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