Central Karoo Area Based Plan for land and agrarian reform complete

The Phuhlisani and Associates team working to produce the area based plan for land reform in the Central Karoo has finalised the plan which has been exhaustively discussed and approved by all key stakeholders. The plan, which was handed over to the DLA this afternoon reviews the status quo of land reform in the District, identifies how to better utilise municipal commonage and sets out detailed proposals for land acquisition utilising DLA's Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy to accomodate larger livestock owners. The plan also sets out detailed measures to ensure that people acquiring land through the land reform programme are able to access effective settlement and implementation support. 

To read a summary of the plan or download the full document complete with maps click through to our downloads page.  For more information contact David Mayson david@phuhlisani.co.za

Posted: 5/31/2008 (3:55:07 PM)

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