Out of the Starting Blocks

During the first quarter we will be working on the following projects:

  • Completing Year 2 of a three year programme of the farm worker support and development programme in the Cape Winelands District. We will be working with the Labour and Enterprise Policy Research Group at UCT to examine changing labour relations on farms in the Hex and Breede River valleys which have seen increasing numbers of foreign migrants working in the agricultural sector. We will also be supporting newly established farm worker forums in the District.
  • Concluding a research review of rural civil society which we have undertaken with PLAAS as part of a programme supported by Atlantic Philanthropy which has involved a literature review, a survey and the documentation of short case studies.
  •  Continuing work with the six communities partnered in the Middelrus joint venture in Kwazulu-Natal. This will include working to co-develop plan plans for the land which falls outside the Joint Venture agreement and helping to strengthen the CPAs and Trusts which are the land holding entities on the different properties.
  • We will also be putting time into the development of NAALD our non profit CSI venture. During the quarter we aim to register NAALD as a Trust and complete NPO registration. NAALD will work to support the development needs of farm workers, small scale farmers and members of share equity schemes. We will be in search of seed funding to support programme development in the Cape Winelands as the launch district.

We look forward to contributing to improved policy and practical actions to address land and rural development challenges in 2012. 

On track for 2012
On track for 2012
Posted: 1/13/2012 (4:12:51 AM)

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