Small farmer focus groups in three provinces

Phuhlisani and its Associates are busy conducting focus group research with groups of small farmers examining:

  • factors which contribute to the success of their agricultural production
  • challenges which they are experiencing in trying to create successful enterprises
  • approaches to financing production
  • experiences of applying for finance and repayment of loans
  • priority needs for non financial support services.

The focus group research is part of a larger study being carried out by the PlaNet Finance Group which is a leading international aid organization with the mission to alleviate poverty through the development of microfinance with the aims of increasing the unbanked and underbankedís access to financial services.

Thus far we have conducted 11 focus groups - 8 in the Western Cape and 3 in Mpumalanga. More are planned in Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the next two weeks. Our aim is to meet with at least a 100 farmers operating in different geographical, tenure and production settings in order to gain insights from the ground to assist in the conceptualisation of possible future support services.

Smallstock farming in the arid Karoo
Smallstock farming in the arid Karoo
Posted: 4/5/2012 (5:51:47 AM)

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