Strategies to support small holders

The two volumes edited by Michael Aliber brought together a large team of researchers to focus on  better understanding the diversity contained in the small holder sector and contribute to the process of  developing an implementable programme to support small producers.

Volume 1 contains:

  • An introduction
  • Perspectives on the 'small holder sector' and the policy environment
  • A literature review
  • A scan
  • A summary of the findings from in depth case studies
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Volume 2 contains 16 cases studies.

Phuhlisani contributed a section on extension and farmer support in Volume 1 and two case studies (measure to support urban agriculture in metropolitan Cape Town and an examination of the farmers on the Prince Albert Commonage) to Volume 2.

The research reports can be downloaded from the link below which takes you directly to the PLAAS website.

PLAAS Research Report 41
PLAAS Research Report 41

Posted: 4/11/2012 (4:08:20 AM)

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