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2014 Land summits

Presentations and papers prepared for the National Tenure Summit and Western Cape Land Reform Summit
National Tenure Summit
20140905CPA input National Summit.pdf
Phuhlisani presentation on CPAs

Western Cape Land Reform Summit
20140925 WC Summit Option 1 Phuhlisani.pdf
Paper on group production on state owned land

Western Cape Land Summit
20140919 WC Summit Option1 Presentation.pdf
Presentation on group production on state owned land

Western Cape Land Summit
Presentation on commercial operations on privately owned land


Urban agriculture and extension review
A review of extension services in South Africa
Phuhlisani extension reviewD1.pdf
A draft 2008 review commissioned for the Second Economy Strategy. The final report is available in Aliber et al (2010) PLAAS Research Report 41

Pushing and pulling: Attempts to stimulate urban agriculture in metropolitan Cape Town
2008 Abalimi Bezekhaya case study.pdf
A draft case study of Abalimi Bezekaya Harvest of Hope Programme commissioned for the Second Economy Strategy. The full report is available in Aliber et al (2010) PLAAS Research Report 41

Annual reports

Phuhlisani annual work review
Phuhlisani 2011 Annual report
Review of work done in 2011

Area based planning

Resources on area based planning for land reform at District Municipality scale
Central Karoo Area Based Plan
CKABP Summary.pdf
Summary document (170 kb)

Central Karoo Area Based Plan
CKABP Plan full text.pdf
Complete plan with GIS maps (11.2 meg)

Cape Winelands District Municipality

Outputs of a research and farm worker education programme
Assessing movement on and off farms in the CWDM
20100617CWDMSurveyV03formatted edited.pdf
A survey of farm owners and workers on 50 farms in the CWDM

Changing employment patterns in the Hex and Breede River valleys
20120504Changing employmentPaperCWDMRoundtable.pdf
Roundtable No 2 10 May 2012 Jan Theron

CWDM Conference presentation June 2010
Rural realities: Implications of change in the agricultural sector for farm workers and dwellers

Local and global trends in the winegrape sector in Cape Winelands
20111103 Winesector trends [Compatibility Mode].pdf
Input to a research led dialogue 3 November 2011

Losing home: Case histories of evicted farm workers
Five case studies in the CWDM

Rural realities: Overview research paper
20100621CWDMOverviewResearchReportSubmitted edited.pdf
A review of five research enquiries investigating implications of change in agricultural sector for farmworkers and dwellers

Trends in the CWDM agricultural sector 2010
20100619CWDMAgricTrendsV04f edited.pdf
Focus on wine and deciduous fruit

What do we know about farm evictions?
A review of legal evictions cases in the CWDM since 2005

Extension policy

South African and international documents relating to extension and advisory services and methodology
Towards a new extension policy for agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Flyer (2012) providing background on national policy dialogue and development

Green paper on land reform

Submissions on the Green Paper November 2011
Phuhlisani submission on the Green Paper
PhuhlisaniGreen paper submission.pdf
Critiquing lack of substantive content and closed door policy process

Ikhuba podcasts

MP3 audio programmes containing development news and commentary
Area based planning
Episode 3 Ikhuba.mp3
Learning in the Central Karoo ( 9 July 2008 Fomat: mp3, Size 11.3 mb)

Business unusual - budget as usual
Ikhuba podcast episode 1.mp3
Land reform progress and challenges ( 2 June 2008 Format: mp3, size: 1.3mb)

Digital media and information for change
Ikhuba podcast episode 2.mp3
Evaluating the promise of new media for development (21 June 2008 Format: mp3, size 9.2 mb)

Input by Rick de Satge of Phuhlisani to Parliamentary workshop on rural development
26th May 2010 39 meg mp3 recording

Integrating environmental planning into land reform

Guidelines and sustainability assessment tools
Audit of environmental training providers 2005
National Training Audit.pdf
Najma Mahomed for Phuhlisani (368 kb)

Environmental assessment tool for land reform
ESAT tool V5 Aug05.pdf
Developed by EEU, UCT 2005 (238 kb)

Report to DLA
Substantive report D1.pdf
Review of progress on integrating environmental planning into land reform

Land reform and natural resource stewardship

Presentation made by Phuhlisani at workshop on Workshop on Land Reform, Land Trusts and Stewardship co-ordinated by Conservation International and SANBI; 20th November - Pretoria
Policy and practice
Experiences from the Land Reform Programme.ppt
Land reform and stewardship workshop presentation [ 3.4 mb]

Land tenure security

A recent report prepared by Phuhlisani for the South African Human Rights Commission reviews progress in securing tenure and improved living and working conditions on farms
Proposed Land Tenure and Land Administration Interventions for Improving Smallholder Irrigation
Manona et al.pdf
Paper by Manona et al presented to Conference on Overcoming Inequality and Structural Poverty in South Africa Sept 2010

South African Human Rights Commission
SAHRC full doc..pdf
Report on progress on tenure security, safety and labour in farming communities. 30th September 2008 (2 mb)

Learning about livelihoods - Insights from Southern Africa

This 361 page training manual and video learning pack can be purchased from Disaster Mitigation Programme for Sustainable Livelihoods at UCT (www.egs.uct.ac.za/dimp) or from Oxfam http://publications.oxfam.org.uk internationally.
Learning about livelihoods
The external environment (370 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Introduction to the livelihoods framework (721 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
What are households? (253 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Inside the household

Learning about livelihoods
Introducing the livelihoods framework

Learning about livelihoods
Household activities (169 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Introduction and overview of learning pack (434 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Access, power and control (235 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Support materials

Learning about livelihoods
The vulnerability context (208 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Exploring sustainability (252 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Livelihoods and disaster risk (698 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Practical livelihoods analysis and planning 1 (795 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Practical livelihoods analysis and planning 2 (157 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Southern African case studies (723 kb)

Learning about livelihoods
Capabilities and assets (238 kb)

Online survey

Complete a short questionnaire to help us assess the need for a poverty information service
Poverty information service questionnaire
Poverty Information Service Survey Form_pub_0001.pdf
Download, complete and autosubmit by email

Policy development

Approaches to policy development which aim to ensure alignment and citizen involvement
Approaches to policy development
Approaches to policy development.pdf
A rapid scan of the literature (2009)

Poverty Knowledge Hub

Research carried out the PSPPD to examine the need for a povety information service
Carnegie 3 presentation on assessing need for a poverty information service
Commissioned research by PSPPD presented at Carnegie 3

Rapid assessment for PSSPD on need for Poverty Information Service
Commissioned research and snap survey of 30 organisations

Rural development

Documents and reports on appoaches to rural development in South Africa
Draft rural development strategy for the Northern Cape
Strategy commissioned by Provincial Department of Agriculture and Land Reform

Overview of proposed N Cape rural development strategy
Quick summary of main strategy document

Presentation to N Cape Dept Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
Rural development in South Africa.pdf
Approaches to rural development October 2009

Rural civil society presentation
20120312Rural Civil society presentation.pdf
PLAAS Civil society workshop Monkey Valley 13th March 2012 (pdf 4meg)

Rural development literature review
26082009 RD literature review 01.pdf
Phuhlisani report for Drakenstein Municipality October 2009

Rural development policies and sectoral interventions in South Africa since 1994
Presentation to joint portfolio committee workshop on rural development and agrarian reform 26 May 2010

Rural development think tank report
Rural development think tank 01 24Aug09.pdf
Workshop report 13th August 2009

The poverty of Restitution? The case of Schmidtsdrift
20100902de Satge et al PhuhlisaniSubmitted.pdf
Conference paper presented to conference on overcoming inequality and structural poverty. September 2010 de Satge, R, Mayson, D and Williams, W.

The poverty of Restitution? The case of Schmidtsdrift
Phuhlisani presentation.pptx
Presentation of paper at conference on overcoming inequality and structural poverty. September 2010

Settlement and implementation support for land reform

Selected research and strategy elements from the National Settlement and Implementation Support Strategy for Land and Agrarian reform in South Africa and the Western Cape draft implementation guidelines
SIS strategy
Chapter 10.pdf
Chapter 10: Livelihoods, enterprise development and technical support (534 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 1.pdf
Chapter 1: Overview of key strategy outputs (520 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 2.pdf
Chapter 2: The challenge of evidence based strategy development (322 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 3.pdf
Chapter 3: Land reform in a changing development context (431 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 4.pdf
Chapter 4: An overview of the evidence (1.51 mb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 5.pdf
Chapter 5: Learning from the international land reform experience (599 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 6.pdf
Chapter 6: A framework for effective settlement and implementation support (299 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 7.pdf
Chapter 7: Functional and spatial integration (712 kb)

SIS strategy
Prelims and exec summary.pdf
Prelims and executive summary

SIS strategy
Chapter 9.pdf
Chapter 9: INRM and sustainable human settlements (634 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 11.pdf
Chapter 11: Institutional options (513 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 12.pdf
Chapter 12: Communications strategy

SIS strategy
Chapter 13.pdf
Chapter 13: Information management, M&E, decision support (610 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 14.pdf
Chapter 14: Rolling out the strategy (365 kb)

SIS strategy
Learning programme review (1 mb)

SIS strategy
Building capacity to deliver sustainable land reform (264 kb)

SIS strategy
Consolidated bibliography (123 kb)

SIS strategy
Chapter 8.pdf
Chapter 8: Securing right, institutional and capacity development (712 kb)

Western Cape Implementation Guidelines
SIS implementation guidelines WC v4.pdf
Draft guidelines. For information purposes only

Socio economic rights

Reports and case studies assessing progress toward attaining socio economic rights in South Africa
Learning from Joe Slovo
Learning from Joe Slovo V 04.1 25Aug09.pdf
Informal settlement and N2 Gateway housing case study

NCHR grantee workshop report
Securing SER workshop report 31 Aug to 2 Sep 09 draft 3 w exec summary.docx
Report on 3 day workshop 30 August - 2 Sept Cape Town

NCHR workshop report on advancing socio economic rights
Securing SER workshop report 31 Aug to 2 Sep 09 draft 3 w exec summary.pdf
3 day workshop 30 Aug - 2 Sept 2009

The rights of others: Foreign nationals and xenophobic violence in South Africa
Foreign migrants activity binder.pdf
Case study prepared for Norwegian Human Rights Centre workshop Sept 2009

Urban poverty

Review of post apartheid responses to urban poverty
Urban Sector Network Urban Poverty Study
USN urban poverty study 2002.doc
2002 review commissioned for WSSD (1.3 mb)

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