Bibliographies and references

Online literature catalogues
British Library Development Studies
South Africa country profile and bibliography

Conflict resolution

Links to mediation and conflict resolution methods, approaches and tool kits
Conflict resolution network
Site contains useful resources including downloadable manuals and toolkits
Households in Conflict Network
Research into linkages between conflict, development and poverty

Development debates

Sites addressing key issues of development policy and practice
Food crisis and the global land grab
Governments and corporations are buying up land in other countries to grow food and make money.
Intellectual Network for the South
Network analysing the new and emerging issues in the international arena, and the challenges and opportunities they pose for the South

Environment and integrated natural resource management

Resources on the state of environment and sustainable resource utilisation
South African NGO focused on issue of genetic modification and promotion of biological diversity and sustainable livelihoods.
Green Facts
Plain English summaries and digests of research on health and the environment
Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organisations
Natural Resources Institute
Multi-disciplinary centre for research, consultancy and education for the management of natural and human resources
The groundwater and drought management project
Information on groundwater and drought management in SADC

Fair trade and globalisation

Sites examining the impact of globalisation on small scale agriculture and the livelihoods of the poor
Farmers rights
Farmers rights as defined by the International Treaty on Plant Genertic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
IATP works with organizations around the world to analyze how global trade agreements impact domestic farm and food policies.
Making markets work for the poor
Value chain analysis tools and methodologies
Oakland Institute
Research into land grabs in Africa by hedge fund investors
Rethinking finance
Civil society website providing analysis and proposals to overcome the current global economic crisis

Information and communication technologies

Using ICTs for development and innovation
Communication Initiative
ICT for development
Educause learning initiative
The 7 Things You Should Know About series provides concise and up to the minute information on emerging learning technologies and related practices
Global Knowledge Partnership
ICTs and development
ICT update
Information and communication technology in agriculture
ICT-KM programme
Website developed to knowledge sharing tools for agricultural innovation and development
International Institute for Communication and Development
People, ICT, Development
ITrain online
Sharing internet knowledge

Knowledge hubs

Full text knowledge sources
Chronic Poverty Research Centre
Working papers and other resources on chronic poverty
Development Gateway
Development portal
Sharing the best in development, policy, practice and research.
HSRC Press
Social Science research free downloads
The purpose of this site is to make resources available, free, to NGOs working in the development or humanitarian fields.
R4D is a free access on-line database containing information about research programmes supported by DFID. R4D provides you with the latest information about research funded by DFID, including news, case studies and details of current and past research in over 25,000 project and document records.
Resource Centres on urban agriculture and food security
STEPS Centre
Interdisciplinary global research and policy engagement hub

Land and agrarian reform, agriculture and rural development

Southern African and international sites
Abalimi Bezekhaya
Urban agriculture NPO based in Cape Town supporting organic vegetable gardening groups in townships and informal settlments
Association for Rural Advancement
African Agricultural Technology Foundation
Enabling affordable agricultural technologies for sustainable use by smallholders through innovative partnerships
Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
Initative to examine "policies and institutions needed to achieve a uniquely African Green Revolution"
Agribusiness in sustainable natural African plant products
Association for water and rural development (AWARD)
an NGO in South Africa that works on water supply in the broader context of managing water resources and their wise use
Border Rural Committee
Eastern Cape rural development and land rights NGO
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Church Land Programme
A developmental NPO working on church land based in Pietermaritzburg
Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development
University of Pretoria
Enabling the poor to get access to well located urban land
Research based site with reports on urban land access and land rights
FAO SD Dimensions
Promoting sustainable management and use of land, water, and genetic resources, and strengthening agricultural research and extension systems
Farmer First
A review of 20 years of innovation in Farmer First extension and support
Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa
An umbrella organization bringing together and forming coalitions of major stakeholders in agricultural research and development in Africa.
Future Agricultures Consortium
Debate and policy dialogue on the future of agriculture in Africa focusing on Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi.
Global donor platform for rural development
Perspectives of major donors on rural development and smallholder agriculture
Communicating rural development research
International Food Policy Research Institute
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development
Global and Sub-global Assessments of local and institutional knowledge and experiences
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
Site promoting agricultural production systems that sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people.
Livelihoods after land reform
Case studies from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia examining the extent to which land redistribution in southern Africa is achieving poverty reduction and livelihood improvement objectives
ODI Rural Policy and Goverance Group
Research to inform debates on rural poverty reduction and sustainable development
Land rights in Africa
Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies
Research institute specialising in land related research
Rural 21
International journal on rural development
Rural innovation systems portal
Innovation for agrioculture and rural development
Rural poverty portal
A website encouraging dialogue about eradicating rural poverty
Southern African Regional Poverty Network
Science and development network
Innovative permaculture programme for Schools Environmental Education and Development
Southern Africa Trust
The Southern Africa Trust supports processes to deepen and widen participation in policy dialogue with a regional impact on poverty
Sustainable Africa
The site is a digital-commons project of the AllAfrica Foundation
Terra Viva
A website with information on grants in the agriculture, energy, environment and natural resource sectors
UN Division for Sustainable Development
Secretariat to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD)
Website of the Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP) focusing on six Southern African countries
World Bank
Agriculture and rural development

Participatory planning and deliberative democracy

Sites focusing on participatory planning approaches and methods and the practice of deliberative democracy
Actor collaboration prezi introducing issues and debates providing a critical perspective on actor collaboration
This Prezi developed by Rick de Satge introduces the Actor Collaboration toolkit prepared for the Association of African Planning Schools
Actor collaboration toolkit
Developed by Rick de Satge for the Association of African Planning Schools.
Appreciative enquiry
IISD site on planning approaches which build on strengths
Civic Practices Network
A collaborative and nonpartisan project in America dedicated to bringing practical tools for public problem solving into community and institutional settings
Integrated approaches for participatory development
Links to sites specialising in Participatory Rural Appraisal and Participatory GIS approaches and tools
People and participation
British website providing case studies, resources and advice on participatory planning
View a prezi introducing issues and debates providing a critical perspective on actor collaboration
This Prezi developed by Rick de Satge introduces the Actor Collaboration toolkit prepared for the Association of African Planning Schools
Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation portal
World Bank Social Development Group
Participation and civic engagement resources

Risk and vulnerability reduction

The assessment and management of risk and vulnerability is an dynamic and fast growing field which is key to development planning and management
Provention Consortium
Community risk assessment tool-kit

Socio-economic rights

Organisations advocating rights based approaches to development
Centre for Applied Legal Studies
University of the Witwatersrand
Centre for Human Rights
University of Pretoria
Community Law Centre
University of the Western Cape
Botswana Centre for Human Rights
Provides training to human rights and other civil society organisations, through providing a platform in email newsletters for debate and discussion about key issues about social justice
International Centre for Transitional Justice
Assists countries pursuing accountability for past mass atrocity or human rights abuse
Legal Resources Centre - South Africa
National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices
Umbrella body for paralegal advice offices providing important services to poor and rural communities
Open Democracy Advice Centre
Partnership between the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa), the University of Cape Town Department of Public Law, and the Black Sash Trust
South African Civil Society Information Service
A nonprofit news agency promoting social justice.
Treatment Action Campaign
Campaign for treatment for people with HIV and to reduce new HIV infections
Legal Advocacy Centre to end violence against women
Womens Legal Centre
Cape Town
Women of Zimbabwe Arise
Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum
Civil society organisations defending human rights in Zimbabwe

Urban land and development, poverty and vulnerability

Links to South African, regional and international websites focusing on urban development issues from the perspective of the poor
African Centre for Cities - University of Cape Town
The African Centre for Cities (ACC) was established in 2007 to serve as a platform for interdisciplinary research on urban issues
Development Action Group
Development Action Group (DAG) is a leading non-profit organisation working throughout South Africa to fight poverty and promote integrated urban environments.
National Income Dynamics Study
The National Income Dynamics Study undertaken by SALDRU at UCT examines income, consumption and expenditure of households over time. Site provides valuable research outputs
Society, Work and Development Institute
SWOP at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg strives to conduct high quality research on the world of work.
Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute
A South African think tank dedicated to the eradication of poverty and inequality
Urban LandMark
Working to enable poor households to gain access to well located urban land

Website and worksite development

Web and online collaboration specialists
Developers of Phuhlisani Sharepoint worksite
Logos Flow
Design and hosting of Phuhlisani website


Websites highlighting the struggle for human rights and democracy in Zimbabwe
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