Core competencies and services

Phuhlisani and Associates can provide the following services in support of land reform and rural development:

  • Research and strategy development at national, provincial and district scales
  • Compiling land reform area based plans for integration into municipal IDPs
  • Providing individual project planning and implementation support
  • Conducting baseline surveys and household livelihood and capability profiles for planning and M&E
  • Supporting rights determination, strengthening land holding institutions and helping develop functional land rights management systems
  • Developing and strengthening associations representing people acquiring land through the land reform programme
  • Developing synergies and peer learning processes between clusters of projects in designated areas
  • Designing comprehensive capacity development strategies and materials
  • Facilitating learning process approaches within institutions and development programmes
  • Providing customised training for policy makers, officials and land reform participants using a combination of participatory and elearning methodologies
  • Conducting environmental and sustainability assessment at project and area scales
  • Developing integrated natural resource management strategies at project and area scales
  • Household livelihood security planning and implementation
  • Market scoping, agricultural enterprise development and joint venture formation
  • Provision of business and agricultural support services
  • Developing indicators and systems for participatory monitoring and evaluation
  • Supporting the development of virtual office, information and knowledge management systems
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