Information management and collaboration systems

One of the key challenges facing district level development planning and implementation is the management and sharing of information.

Let's take the example of land reform. Within any particular district municipality there are likely to be a whole mix of land reform projects -- restitution claims, redistribution projects, municipal commonage, and land held by the State for land reform purposes.

Imagine a system where an official of the DRDLR, and extension officer in the Department of Agriculture, a planner in the municipality, a water specialist in DWAF could log in to a secure Land Reform Information worksite, search for a project and access the latest information on it from their desktop or a laptop in the field utilising a 3-G card or wireless connection. Imagine a system where once the extension officer has made a visit to the project she is able to write and upload a report on to the project site so that other people working in the project support team are able to access it. Maybe she has a query or a problem and she needs input from other members of the team to solve. She types up the query and posts it in a discussion forum where other members of the team can find it and respond. The exchanges between the team members are all neatly documented should it be necessary to return to them at a later date. Imagine a system where the working hours of various team members on a particular project could be recorded and combined in a report at the end of the month.

Phuhlisani Solutions and its associates are in the business of designing and managing such systems.

We have also developed a prototype information system with GIS capability to enable all of the functions described above to operate at district scale. If Information management and effective collaboration are what you need to improve your impact and effectiveness letís talk.

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