Planning and support

Phuhlisani has developed guidelines for a wide variety of different land reform project planning contexts. These include:

  • the settlement of urban and rural restitution claims
  • the acquisition and management of municipal commonage
  • the planning, development, leasing and management of land acquired in terms of the proactive land acquisition strategy
  • the planning of land redistribution projects at different scales
  • the structuring of share equity agreements and strategic partnership arrangements

Our planning approach and comprehensive methodology integrates the six key components which characterise most land reform projects to ensure:

  • the social, institutional and capacity development of people acquiring land rights and project management responsibilities
  • integrated natural resource assessment and sustainable utilisation
  • sustainable human settlement and services provision
  • identification of viable livelihoods and enterprise opportunities, their initiation, development and support
  • participatory monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • communication, information and knowledge management
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